• Image of MASSICOT - Suri Gruti. 10". EP.
  • Image of MASSICOT - Suri Gruti. 10". EP.


Two extensive side long new recordings from April 2016. Released in time for the recent August UK tour.

Suri Gruti" sees everyone's favorite Geneva quartet take a side step into expanding their signature sound as captured on their previous "Morse" album. This record features two extensive side-long pieces created whilst sound tracking Man Ray movies. The sharp minimal post punk riffs and drums are still hypnotically repetitive .whilst the band still bursts with that frantic energy that sounds like it's straining to contain itself. If you're looking for a contemporary meeting between the likes of The Ex and Kleenex without any whiff of nostalgia. This EP contains that collision point. Limited to 300 copies on Harbinger Sound. A new album should follow early next year.


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